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Need a service to pick up the vehicle from your home: Oui Non
Make, model, version (SE, LX, Limited, ...):
Motor cylinders:
Motor liters:
Essence: Electric
Sans plomb
Transmission: Automatic
Roof (Sunroof, panoramic,...):
Leather: Yes No
Special Equipment:
Exterior color:
Interior color:
Touchups to do? Yes No
Summer Tire wear (%):
Winter Tire wear (%):
Serial number:
Did you got it new?
Already crashed: Yes No
4x4 or AWD: Oui Non
For EV, 400 V charging: Yes No
Required, what value do you think your vehicle worth?
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a garbage, how would you rate your vehicle?
Short term sale? Oui Non

In exchange of:

Buy or rent ? Buy Rent
If rental, residual or payments or surrender value?

Link on the vehicle, if so how much?

Exchange or sale of your vehicle?

Tesla only
Auto pilote actif: Oui Non
Conduite autonome (FSD) actif: Oui Non
Intérior black or white: Black White
Wheels 18 or 19 po: 18 19