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Evaluate your exchange

Need a service to pick up the vehicle from your home: Oui Non
Make, model:
Version (SE, LX, Limited, ...):
Motor cylinders:
Motor liters:
Essence: Electric
Sans plomb
Roof (Sunroof, panoramic,...):
Leather: Yes No
Special Equipment:
Exterior color:
Interior color:
Touchups to do? Yes No
Summer Tire wear (%):
Winter Tire wear (%):
Serial number:
Did you got it new?
Vehicle CAN or USA?
Already crashed: Yes No
4x4 or AWD: Oui Non
For EV, 400 V charging: Yes No
What value do you think your vehicle worth?
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a garbage can, how would you rate your vehicle?
Short term sale? Oui Non

In exchange of:

Buy or rent ? Buy Rent
If rental, residual or payments or surrender value?

Link on the vehicle, if so how much?

Exchange or sale of your vehicle?

How much of 10 do you evaluate its condition?
(10 out of 10 means in excellent condition)

Tesla only
Auto pilote actif: Oui Non
Conduite autonome (FSD) actif: Oui Non
Intérior black or white: Black White
Wheels 18 or 19 po: 18 19