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Financing your future vehicle

Whether at the 2nd chance credit or conventional, we have the expertise to answer your needs.
We serve over 500 credit applications per year, and more, making business with several banking institutions, we are able to find financing for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, it is our pleasure to answer your questions if you have some, of course.

2nd Chance Credit

Scotia Advantage |

Scotia Dealer Advantage is one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing Special Finance companies providing automotive financing programs nationwide.

TD Bank |

One of the best companies for this kind of financing.

Conventional Credit

Caisse pop Desjardins |

Scotia Bank |

Montreal Bank |

TD Bank |

Courteous, fast and professional service. Possibility of instant answer depending on the case.

Request Online Credit

Get a car loan regardless of your credit!

We are now processing credit applications for consumers with excellent credit. We also process, with the same care and the same efficiency, applications for consumers with low credit or totally rebuild and at a competitive rate. Since 1982, our passion is to see our customers walk away with the vehicle of their dreams!                  

For an Auto Loan, fill out our Credit Application Secure Online. Subsequently, an authorized agent of JN Auto Road Side inc. will contact you to confirm your loan at the best market rates. Then you can get a used vehicle quality inspected by recognized garages. This car loan can help you rebuild your credit.                  

Make your request online. We offer convenient service, secure and fast!

Cases with too much negative background

A case is considered with too much negative background if it has one of the following background:

● Criminal Folder for theft of fraude.

● The name of the customer is already on our retake list of the one of the usher.

● Chronic instability of domicile, doubting references, bad declarations.

● Social Assistance Program Recipient.

● More than one bankrupcy.

Minimum Conditions for 2nd chance Credit

● Our Minimum Conditions for 2nd chance Credit are:

● At least 21 years old.

● Have a valid driving licence.

● Minimum annual income 22,000$.

● Have a permanent of seasonal job.

● Canadian Citizen and depending creditor, a Quebecer.

● 2 recent pay sheet or stub (2 last months).

● Minimum 6 months at the same address (possible exception).

● Not to be Social Assistance Program Recipient.

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