Always keen to meet the needs of its customers, noud is introducing a new easy consignment approach service. Following numerous requests, especially from Tesla customers due to their futuristic business model ! By reducing the risk of holding inventory, we can therefore work to get more for your vehicle !

  • 1- Fill out the form below and get a proposal to accept. If that is the case ;
  • 2- We make arrangements for delivery of your vehicle. JN auto always sells its reconditioned vehicles. So we will inspect and provide for approval an estimate for the reconditioning of the vehicle to be sold according to our standards.
  • 3-If everything suits you, acceptance and signing of an official service offer to conclude. As soon as the vehicle is sold, we quickly pay you less the accepted commission !
We are insured accordingly and mandated by the SAAQ to license plate on site. No road test without a representative on board will be carried out.

Form to fill for the consignment of your vehicule
(you'll receive a notification by email)

Version (SE, LX, Limited, ...):
Motor cylinders:
Motor liters:
Roof (Sunroof, panoramic,...):
Number of passengers:
Leather: Yes No
Special Equipment:
Exterior color:
Interior color:
Touchups to do?
Summer Tire wear (%):
Winter Tire wear (%):
Serial number:
Did you got it new?
Vehicle CAN or USA?
Already crashed: Yes No
4x4 or AWD: Oui Non
For EV, 400 V charging: Yes No
What value do you think your vehicle has?

Buy or rent ? Buy Rent
If rental, residual or payments or surrender value?

Link on the vehicle, if so how much?

How much of 10 do you evaluate its condition?
(10 out of 10 means in excellent condition)

Tesla only
Active Auto pilote: Oui Non
Conduite autonome (FSD) actif: Oui Non
Interior black or white: Black White
Wheels 18 or 19 inchs: 18 19